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Name: Iwan Lloyd
Job Title: Head of Technology Development


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Introducing LOCAVA: powered by Deetu - BWBs Digital Site Constraints Tool

21 August 2017

Imagine being able to quickly and easily see the potential risks and opportunities that are associated with a site early in the decision-making process. Then building that picture up with project specific information to share with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

This is now a reality for BWB's engineers and environmental scientists, thanks to Locava.

Locava (Location Availability) is our web based mapping tool, that allows us to view Nationwide information at the click of the button from several categories; including:

•    Project Specific Data,

•    Flood Risk,

•    Ecology,

•    Heritage,

•    Utilities,

•    LiDAR, and

•    Geology...

...and many more!

Locava is a powerful tool that allows us and our Clients quickly assess development feasibility and understanding the underlying risks associated to the land in question. 

By collating and layering a multitude of data source into a single interactive web application, it is now possible to derive insights from potential development constraints that allow for smarter, faster and more informed business decisions.

The same application can then be taken forward from the initial planning phases, through the project development duration and then used throughout the lifetime of the asset management to analyse and visualise data at all stages.

Locava is one of many digital and data solutions currently being developed by Deetu, BWB's digital and data innovation hub.

To learn more about Locava or Deetu, visit or get in touch with Iwan Lloyd.