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BWBlog: BWB Structures. Solid Foundations

11 June 2019

BWBlog: BWB Structures. Solid Foundations

I wear many hats at BWB, one is Marketing & PR. The challenge over the years, as the business and range of services have expanded incredibly, has been to appropriately summarise our brand, key messaging and company 'strap line' to depict, in an instant, what BWB is all about.

Founded as a pure structural engineering practice, this used to be a simple affair. Structures = Buildings, and so the most imposing, spectacular and impressive building project on the books stood centre stage in the BWB promo show.

However, times changed, along with Client’s needs. BWB changed too, incorporating transport & infrastructure. Promotion of the wider service offering still remained straight forward, although now the building was not in immediate focus, but at a distance with a bit of infrastructure up front.

Next came Environmental services and images of wind turbines, butterflies and flowers in a field (this is what happens when external marketing consultants are let loose!).


Next was Water & Flood Risk (a flood sign and some ducks will do the trick!), then Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (pipes and a BIM model!), Environmental Planning (wetlands, otters and bats are just the ticket!) followed by Rail (a train and some tracks, what else?)

Corporately, the brand and key messaging developed too as we expanded to offer a vast array of services. First we just told it how it is was (‘we offer over 80 services in 15 sectors…’) then became more abstract, as we ‘challenged convention’ and ultimately delivered ‘better solutions, intelligently engineered’. All entirely necessary, as we cannot please all the services all the time, but rather most of the services, most of the time.

As each and every new service was added to the corporate portfolio, the new offering demanded support, attention and its moment in the limelight. 

So what of BWB Structures?

True to its name, BWB Structures is exactly that; a structure, providing solid foundations and support that stabilises the BWB business; our multi-disciplinary service is anchored by the structural design capability and the project co-ordinators in the structural design teams. Despite the huge changes that have taken place at the company, BWB Structures has quietly gone about what it does best; providing the solid, dependable backbone of our core service. 

Whilst no longer solely centre stage, the buildings are still there and are as imposing, spectacular and impressive as ever. Our brochure, web, news and social feeds are testament to this.

However, the fruits of BWB Structure’s labour are not just contained to imagery, a flashy brochure or a VR presentation (that seems to be so much the craze these days!), but is displayed in all its glory in the world around us.

The hospitals where we see our children born; the office blocks and business parks where we work; the malls and retails parks where we shop; the cinemas where we watch the latest movies; the gyms we work out at; the spas where we relax and indulge; the apartments where we live; the schools, academies, colleges and universities where our children are educated; the distribution centres that give us our same day online deliveries; the medical centres where we see our GP’s; the retirement villages where we eventually wind down. 

This is BWB Structure’s ‘reality-reality’ presentation to you all.