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How nature helps me - Mental Health Awareness Week at BWB

14 May 2021

Here at BWB we believe it is our responsibility to form a meaningful dialogue regarding mental wellbeing, working towards creating an inclusive work environment where staff can speak openly about their mental health, and access support where necessary. 

As such, this Mental Health Awareness Week we have been running a variety of events to encourage our employees to connect with nature – the theme for this year – and talk about mental health. 

In line with this year’s theme Josh Dickerson, Associate at Deetu, reflects on how connecting with nature has supported his mental health in recent years: 

Following a year in which lunchtime walks outside, sitting in green spaces and watching wildlife webcams have been vital for processing the events of past months, the conversation around our mental wellbeing is now more pertinent than ever before. 

For me personally, I find nature is a place to escape, an opportunity to truly think, but most importantly over recent months, it has helped me through my journey of grief. 

With just over two years since my mum, Amanda Dickerson, took her own life following several years suffering from mental illness, being outside has played an essential part in protecting my mental health. 

In preparing these words, I found myself reflecting on just how much my mum immersed herself in the outdoors at any possible opportunity, but also how she found beauty from connecting with nature through a variety of ways. 

Connecting with the natural environment can come in many forms and she was testament to this, either through her love of drawing flowers, her passion for gardening or just surrounding herself in nature on a leisurely stroll bird watching. 

Of course, nature is not just here to be enjoyed for only this week. 

For me in fact, over the next few months I will be looking for lots of new places to enjoy the outside world as I train for my latest challenge in October; attempting to run two marathons, on two continents, in two weeks! 

If you want to read more about my story and to find out what I will be up to then please visit my page here.

Thank you.