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Name: Stefan Zalega
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BWBLOG: STEFAN ZALEGA: Delivering Best Value in the Property Industry by Thinking Beyond Planning, Design and Construction

30 May 2014

The traditional composition and structure of professional consultants in the property industry may be at odds with how Best Value for the project is actually created and provided. Short term drivers demand project deliverables generally focused are around either planning, design, construction and maintenance stages at any given moment in time. Rarely is ‘the whole’ considered.  The consultancy profession inadvertently reinforces this short term horizon, as they have traditionally developed and structured services that specialise in providing solutions tailored to each of the above stages, in a singular fashion. Acute focus drives specialism doesn’t it? Surely Best Value is created and delivered by such singular specialism, isn’t it?


Actually, it probably isn’t!


Key value deliverables such as economics, safety, carbon management and energy reduction can only really be optimised by considering ‘the whole’ – the life of the asset, whether they be building(s) and/or infrastructure assets.  Regulation and industry benchmarks such as CDM, BREEAM and CEEQUAL - that have been around for quite a while now – underpin the importance of lifecycle considerations.  


Does it not follow then that Best Value for a client can only be provided by consultants who recognise the importance of ‘the whole’ asset lifecycle? Consultants who’s business is shaped to provide complimentary services that reflect this understanding -  an understanding of how key decisions made during one stage can have a undesirable consequences in later stages in the asset lifecycle, or even when the time comes for asset renewal or replacement?


Well, at BWB, we certainly believe that this is the case to the extent that is it a major influence in how the shape of our business is evolving.  We recognise and understand the increasing importance of ‘the whole’ as the root of delivering Best Value to many of our clients and continue to extend and develop our services to span and fully embrace the asset lifecycle.  We also understand the important role of emerging technology such a BIM (as Building Information Management – not Building Information Modelling!) as tools to integrate and manage Best Value as projects move from one stage of the asset lifecycle to the other and continue to embrace and integrate these into all part  of our business.


By understanding and having an eye on ‘the whole’ doesn’t detract from any project that still requires the traditional single stage focus. It just means we are much better informed!


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