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Name: Iqbal Rassool
Job Title: Group Director - Environment


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28 May 2014

I recently visited Goodman’s development site in Hinckley which BWB has been providing flood risk and engineering design services over the past 7 years.

I remember visiting the site when it was Sketchley Dry Cleaners. It comprised a number of dilapidated industrial units with large areas of hardstanding and a couple of large sheetpiled lakes used for process water. Hidden deep below this large contaminated site was a 200m long culverted section of the Sketchley Brook.


Fast forward to now and the landscaping is really establishing along the green corridor. The restored meandering brook with its lovely pool and riffle sequences is a joy to behold. The transformed lakes used as SuDS features are very striking with their previous hard engineered edges softened by natural bank features, rich in habitat potential. A real enhancement of the Water Environment and great to be associated with.

Well done to the BWB Team for being so aspirational with their vision for restoring the Brook and water features and well done to the developer Goodman for making it happen.