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BWB unveil brand and website refresh

17 March 2021

Alongside a refresh of our website, we are also proud to unveil an accompanied rebrand. Those familiar with BWB will associate us with the famous BWB lime green, however in line with the brand identity of our sister company CAF Turnkey and Engineering, we have moved to a new colour palette of CAF red. 

In 2017 BWB became part of the global transport engineering giant CAF Group. The transaction gave BWB greater financial resilience and stability and through CAF Turnkey Engineering access to an even deeper pool of resource and expertise. Together BWB and CAF are playing a leading role in digital engineering, Smart Cities, and colossal investment in infrastructure, not just here in the UK but across the world.  We are very proud of our partnership and are glad to show our unity through a closer visual association so we can continue to present an aligned identity on international collaborations. 

As well as aligning with CAF, this new branding is also a historical nod to our original BWB Partnership branding and a wonderful reminder of our growth and success over the past 30 years. 

Be sure to explore our new website where you’ll find a full list of our services, a wide range of projects, up to date news and a brand new area exploring our areas of specialism