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BIM - Building Information Modelling

11 January 2012

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the pivotal delivery tool used by all structures delivery units across BWB Consulting. Using Autodesk Revit Structure 2011 BWB has successfully integrated BIM into all feasibility, tender and construction status delivery packages.

Our Revit software enables our engineers to think in 3D. We are now very experienced in using this design software and are therefore able to produce models that can form the basis of the design for other professionals.

3D models enable all members of the design team to understand complicated interfaces meaning that all parties are able to identify clashes of elements. This clash detection significantly reduces time spent readdressing areas of design which helps the team become more efficient.

Revit and its parametric capability also means that we are able to supply very high quality drawn information that is right first time and that picks up design changes throughout these series of elements that that change affects.

This added quality tool means that we are able to spend more time in thinking about the actual design of the building and therefore we are more able to provide value through the design process.

We have extensive experience of not only hosting the design model but interacting with the design model hosted by other professionals notably the architect and M&E engineer. Our team has been developed to be proactive participants in the construction of the base information in order to create the right design platform for the project.