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Intelligent Modelling

Data capture alone offers little value. The real power of digital engineering is intelligently using that data to provide models and tools to provide useable information. At BWB we are continually developing and adapting a suite of intelligent modelling tools to add value to what we do.

Digital Reality Capture

Digital Reality Capture is our digital modelling service that provides the bridge between 3D laser scanning surveying and digital design.


Digital Roaming in 3D

Most of our surveys and designs are now captured in 3D. Our digital engineers can utilise the Unity graphics engine from the gaming industry to allow users to roam around the digital environment of our 3D surveys and 3D designs.


Digital 3D Massing Tool

Our digital modellers can add great value to the early stages of an urban high rise project by digitally capturing the form of the proposed development and the surrounding environment and presenting the results in a dynamic and fully interactive interface to allow the user to rotate and zoom around the urban environment.


Digital Flood Visualisation

Our Digital Flood Visualisation software takes the raw flood data from our report and presents this in a virtual 3D world, showing flood events occurring in real-time for the ‘before and after’ development scenarios.


Digital Wind Tunnel

BWB’s digital engineers use our Digital Wind Tunnel to quickly assess project feasibility in a virtual simulation.


Digital Traffic Impact Assessment

Our Digital Traffic Impact Assessment software takes the raw traffic data from the report and presents this in a virtual 3D world, showing real time traffic movements of the 'before and after' development scenarios.