BWB’s Infrastructure Management specialism is a collection of services that were initially developed to support BWB’s core design services – particularly in the delivery of strategic highway and development infrastructure projects. Whilst BWB’s Project Management and Co-ordination offering remained focused and specialised on the infrastructure sector, the Surveying and Utility services diversified and grew to provide capabilities across all sectors that BWB work in.

Strategic Infrastructure Project Management

It’s an exciting time to be working within the UK construction industry and much of the forecasted growth stems from local, regional and national infrastructure projects. However, managing the complexities associated with the delivery of infrastructure-led projects can be a challenging process. Understanding the strategic vision of the project and programme, the expectations of key stakeholders and the required output are vital to ensure successful delivery. 

Through clear and transparent communication and engagement with the client, stakeholders and supply chain, BWB builds relationships and provides governance throughout the lifecycle of the project. This approach safeguards the vision of the project plan for delivery and ensures all parties are working collaboratively to achieve the required outputs.

Our Strategic Infrastructure Projects team carry over 30 years of knowledge and experience in delivering project management and coordination services across a diverse range of civil engineering and construction related projects. From leading commercial bids and providing contract appointment advice, to commercial management and performing as the lead project manager, the services we offer can be tailored to meet the needs of the project and the expectations of the Client. We instil a best practice approach to project management by implementing sound organisational structures and proactive risk management from the very start.


As BIM rapidly becomes the default delivery process for projects within the construction industry, it is critical to establish existing site or building information, and deliver it in a format and environment for onward use in the project. Whether data is gleaned by isolated measured building survey, or the combination of laser scans, hydrographic, topographic and geotechnical surveys, a more holistic representation of the existing site is vital. BWB have the skills and expertise to carry out, co-ordinate and deliver multi-faceted surveys in multiple formats suitable for use in BIM projects.

Our surveying teams use a combination of measured building surveys and laser scans to create 3D models in Autodesk Revit. We also use Autodesk Civil 3D software to produce 3D ground models from topographical surveys. All of which can be provided in a number of formats suitable for any project. 

Each project is unique and understanding the survey requirements is key. Our measured survey services can be complimented with our other services including conditions surveys, six-facet surveys, geotechnical and environmental surveys to build a holistic model of the existing site conditions.


With developments striving to meet sustainability requirements in an ever evolving construction and engineering environment, increased demand is placed on local, regional and national energy networks and independent distribution operators to balance the needs of new developments with those of existing users, without causing disruption. Coupled with the expansion of urban and suburban areas into brownfield sites and re-designated greenbelt land, the risks associated with existing utility infrastructure is being brought into consideration far sooner during the project lifecycle.

Engaging utility network operators and utility asset owners early on in the project lifecycle enables the development of a clear understanding of the constraints within the context of the proposed development site and within the surrounding area. This facilitates the planning of feasible cost and time effective solutions that supports and optimises delivery.

BWB’s Infrastructure Management Utilities team have over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience and offer a range of bespoke services to support projects at pre-planning and construction stages, both through expert negotiation and providing bespoke engineering solutions. We have supported the successful delivery of over 35,000 residential homes, more than 10 million sq ft of commercial space and a range of schools, hotels and leisure developments across the UK.



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