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Today, more than ever before, corporate organisations are compelled by emerging legislation and changing public opinion to address the ‘sustainability agenda.’ Environmental considerations are significant factors in many business decisions, particularly those relating to new development or improvement and expansion of existing facilities.

Factors such as population growth, energy conservation and efficiency, depletion of natural resources and climate change effects dictate that sustainability issues influence every aspect of the development process.

The BWB Environment Group has the capability to provide the integrated ‘one stop shop’ service needed for major projects, as well as tailored or bespoke specialist services if appropriate. Our Environment Group provides advisory, investigative, design and validation services relating to all aspects of the ground and water environment.

We have the requisite experience and expertise to provide technically feasible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to our Clients’ problems. We will never advocate the use of ‘fashionable’ but otherwise worthless environmental features in a project. We call our approach ‘sensible sustainability’.


David Hollingsworth