Property and development stakeholders are increasingly incorporating the social dimension in their projects. This is to strengthen social interaction, build communities and a sense of belonging, as well as supporting an improved quality of urban living.

Forming engaged communities, to create informed places.

For developers, communities, and decision-makers, one of the biggest challenges in taking forward a development scheme is to undertake a public engagement in a way that is meaningful, inclusive and brings benefits for all involved.

Engagement is a two-way process of openly sharing and exchanging information, understanding different views, listening and responding to suggestions, developing trust and dialogue to support effective working relationships to the mutual benefit of all involved.

Back in 2015, BWB responded to the increasing demand for better engagement by creating Deetu, our digital and development innovation hub. Deetu has since gone on to establish itself as a successful independent company, but remains connected to BWB in developing innovative digital and data products, services, solutions, apps and platforms tailored to our Clients evolving needs. Deetu is the digital thread that runs through BWB’s products and services.

One such tool is ‘Engage’ that provides anytime, anyplace access, breaks down traditional barriers to engagement and delivers it straight to our Client’s audience.

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